Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Aborted Babies Burned For Fuel In Oregon

This post will make you sick, and I am sorry for that.  But it's important we understand what is going on in this country.

On The Matt Walsh Blog, he recently had a post on the fact that aborted Canadian babies were being sent to Oregon to provide electricity to residents.  (aborted babies as well as things like amputated legs and cancerous tissue).

Please click here to read the post.

I am sickened on so many levels about this I am not even going into much detail.  Have we no respect for life that we can't even give unwanted (murdered) babies a proper burial?  We already know that their lives apparently meant nothing, but the fact that we would then burn them for electricity, I can't even understand it.

This is where our country is people.  This is how we have progressed.  Proud to be an American, perhaps not.

I would like to take a moment and address the fact that some people would say this isn't really a problem.  It's what you would do if you were cremated.  Listen, I am all for cremation, in fact, that is what I have requested for myself when I die.  But I am against burning these babies with other medical "garbage" for fuel.

Because really, by dumping them with waste, it only shows that we have no respect for life. Cremate the babies respectfully, or bury them.  Don't dispose of them with the garbage.  If people really think it is appropriate to handle death that way, then why don't we start digging up all the cemeteries in the US, and start burning those bodies for fuel?

There was an update at the bottom of the post as follows:

"Update: LifeSiteNews reports that the Marion County Board of Commissioners have announced that the practice of burning aborted babies for power will be stopped immediately. They claim that they were unaware of the practice, but will now put it to an end."


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