Monday, April 14, 2014

The Kingdom Series

I just got back from three days at a homeschool convention.  Still trying to recover from late nights and all day on my feet.

My favorite part was finding a new author.  I am beyond excited to read his books.  His name is Chuck Black and he does several series.  The one I am most excited to try is The Kingdom Series, which covers all of Biblical history during medieval times.  Someone shoot me now. Because if it has swords and knights, I am totally in.  It's like the Narnia series, only the allegory is much more obvious that they are actually talking about God and the Bible.

Kingdom's Dawn, Kingdom Series #1   -     By: Chuck Black

This is the first book in the series.  They are about $8 a piece.  There are 6 total books in this series and it covers from Genesis through Revelation.

Then he has a book called Cloak of the Light, which is a story on modern day spiritual warfare.  I haven't read it yet, but I am assuming it will be along the lines of Frank Peretti's books, which I also loved.

Cloak of the Light, War of the Realms Series #1   -     By: Chuck Black

Here to order this one at Christian Book.

I am really excited to at some point read these to Owen.  He loves this type of stuff and since the public school gave him a complex about his reading ability, we have been struggling with him declaring that he doesn't like books.  I don't know what age group they are directed to, but once I start reading I will give you an update.

And they are all on audio recording.  They hired a team from England to do the voices and apparently, it totally rocks.  There was a whole bunch of young to teenage boys around this book table, as you can totally imagine, but some of the moms that I went with also said that these series rock.  So I say give it a go.  I know I am.

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