Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Have you ever seen the movie Daddy Day Care?  I mean the original one with Eddie Murphy? We love it and laugh hard every time we see it.  Anyway, there is a part in there where they get a certificate and yell "laminated" at this crazy lady.  Its kind of become a Nelson family saying.

And since I bought a laminator for homeschooling it has taken on a whole new meaning.  As in, I love to laminate things.

Anyway, yesterday I fired up good ole' Pinterest and found all sorts of free bookmarks and such and we printed off a ton and laminated them.  Just because we can.  And then I found this beauty.

Free, beautiful journal cards.  Now, I am going to be totally honest here.  I had no idea what a journal card was.  I had to google it.  Basically, it's just a little 3X5 card and your write on it.  No stress of a bound notebook with giant pages and you are thinking how will I ever fill this up?

I tried journaling last year and did awesome for 6 months.  And then one day I stopped and never did it again.  Oops.

But, I could even use these bad boys for To-Do Lists and quick notes.  And people, they are free! The totally, wonderful word.

So, go check them out here.  Even if I never journal, I figure I can do something cool with them for homeschool.

And here are some adorable bookmarks that we did.  You can customize them with your kid's (or yours!) name.  Laminate them for long-term use.  My favorite is the fox.

Printable Woodland Bookmarks

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