Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas present and update

So, I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Christmas present. I wanted to post about it before but I just haven't made the time. Which really, I should because I am one of those people where if I follow a blog, I really like for it to be one that posts regularly, even though I am not really one of those people. I want to be, but then I think if people only follow not super often then if I post a lot they miss it or have to make up for a million things they didn't read.

Anyway, on to the present! Let me just start out by saying that gifts are my love language if you are familiar with that book, and if you aren't, go out and both you and your hubby read it. (Of wife if you are a man reading this but I am pretty sure you aren't!) I struggle with this sometimes because I know that it makes me sound extremely shallow when I say that is how I feel loved. But let me clarify that it is not expensive gifts or even that the gifts should cost any money, but it truly is that Chris thinks about what I would like or sees something that reminds him of me and gets that for me, write's a note, etc. I will admit that this has been a struggle for him and thus for our marriage. He has been known to shop on Christmas Eve, even though I remind him that Christmas falls on Dec. 25th every year, and also, my birthday doesn't change either. I should probably also make it clear at this point that he is a really wonderful husband, I don't want to sound like I am just knocking him!

Okay, finally, the present. Chris got me a kindle touch. I was shocked on two different levels. One, because it is an expensive present and we do't generally buy each other something so costly, and two, because it focused on the one thing that I love to do the most- read, but it was so "gadgety" that I didn't see it coming. And my first thought was "holy smokes, I can't believe he spent so much money", and my second was "I am not sure I am going to like this". Now I realize this sounds awfully awful of me, here he goes out and buys me something really nice and then I don't like it? But hear me out. I am a HUGE book person, I love holding it and feeling it and buying them for 50 cents at thrift stores. I love the look of them. I am a physical person. So that was why I didn't think I would like the kindle. I like the experience of the book, not just the book itself. But we looked on amazon to see what books you could get for free, and that is what sold me. If you are a classics reader as I am, then you need to go out right now and purchase a kindle, or nook, or whatever. You can get what appears to be all of the classics for FREE. That's right for free, nada, nothing. I downloaded about 42 books in about 10 minutes. I will admit it took a little getting used to reading the kindle and everything involved with it, but I am sold. S..O..L..D

The one thing about it that I don't like is that the kindle books cost almost as much as the hard copy, but you can take all of the books with you on one tiny piece of equipment, so in a way I suppose you are paying for convenience. Now, that being all said, I will still buy books at the thrift store because to purchase them for $8 on kindle vs. 50 cents is a no brainer. But the kindle is really worth it. There is something like 15,000 books for free on amazon and other places. Some of them may be something that your crazy neighbor wrote and put on there, but a lot of them are really good. Anyway, that was my present!

Oh, and I thought I would give a small update on my losing weight to Italy process. So far I have lost about 5 pounds. I have been mostly trying to watch what I eat, no working out yet, but also am not really drinking pop, which I think has helped the most. I miss Coke so bad I could almost cry- regular that is, not the crappy diet stuff. And it probably is no longer Italy, but drumroll.....

Peru. As of right now, hubby and I will be hiking the Incan Trail to Maccu Pichu in Peru. And then afterwards going into the Amazon on some type of excursion as of yet to be determined. This will probably cost almost as much as Italy, but is more in line with the things I like to do. However, I just ordered the National Geographic Traveler magazine, so that could change if they have some type of interesting destination in there.

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  1. I LOVE my kindle!! Another great thing is that you can have up to 6 kindles and all share the same books! Was working well for hubby and I until he dropped his into the bath. I highly suggest putting it into a ziplock bag if you insist on reading in the tub! ;)