Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I love the Internet

Okay, besides being a joyful waste of time as I have discussed before, you can also find useful things on it. And my useful thing this week is the Picaken.

What is a Picaken you are asking? I will tell you. It is a pie baked inside of a cake. I am not sure who came up with this idea, and I don't know if it will go down as one of the culinary greats in our world, I have my serious doubts, but it is weird and interesting, and I am trying to convince Chris that he wants one for his birthday coming up.

I found this on the blog It's a blog by a woman who is a missionary in Costa Rica. She is quite interesting as far as her posts go, I actually really like it, but I will warn you, she is a tad "different" as far as Christian missionaries go, and some may not like everything she has to say, but at the very least go to see how to make a Picaken.

Oh, and after spending $123 and some odd change today at Walmart buying groceries for my family, I have decided to challenge myself to use up everything in my pantry and upstairs freezer and a lot of stuff in the deep freezer that isn't meat since we have a lot of that from hunting, before I do another major grocery shop. Things like milk and bread will have to be bought of course as we use them. Any takers on using up everything you have so you don't spend a gazillion dollars on new stuff because you are too lazy to create recipes out of what you already have? wow, that was two huge run on sentences!

Anyway, there may be some interesting meals based on cream of.... type soups around my house because we seem to have a lot of those in the cupboard. Wonder if this is a Northern European heritage type thing?

P.S. I would love to post pictures with my blog, but I have lost my camera, so until I can find it, no pictures. Not like I was really good at that before....

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  1. Do you have stale chips, crackers or oatmeal? crush them, season with anything you like, coat chicken chunks and bake 15-25 minutes on 350. French fried onions flavor well without the work and tears of cutting onions. Have alot of tuna? A bag of frozen mixed veg, 1-2 cups rice, cream of-your fav-soup, some tuna and cheese. Top w/ french fried onions and bake till rice is done. Hope this helps!