Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kembia's first "do"

Confession: The kids have been home almost 6 months and I had yet to try a style on Kembia's hair. I really wanted to, like really bad, but after we had to cut it all off from the lice, it took awhile to grow back out. Plus, coupled with the fact that every time we pick it out she majorly freaks out, I wasn't thinking that it was going to be pleasant. And in fact, it really wasn't.

I had to do things quick, and because she still doesn't have that much hair, we did the little poofs. I think it looks really cute, but I kind of don't want to take her out in public where another person could see her because it is obviously amateur, and you can tell I had to rush it. I don't want anyone to think that I don't care about how it looks, because I do, but it just wasn't going to happen any better today.

She started crying the moment I started touching her hair. I gave her little things to play with and tried to tell her that mommy was making her hair look pretty and all that stuff. Overall, it probably only took a couple of minutes. Still, it wasn't her favorite moment. I may just have to wait until she is a little bit older and I can explain, and she can understand, that I am not actually trying to hurt her. Any tips for this?

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures for you to see. What a cutie, if I do say so myself, even if her hair isn't the best poofs that have ever been!

And she doesn't actually suck on the pacifier. She mostly chews on it if she should come across one in the house, which isn't very often because they usually disappear under furniture. Interestingly enough, she came with one, so I don't know if it was something she was used to or not, because even when she first came home she never really sucked on one.


  1. Cute! I grew my daughter's hair out from birth, so when around a year, when her bangs started to swim in her eyes, I started to do intricate little weaves (by making 9 little ponytails on top of her head and weaving it)... which took some time. Before this time, I had always combed her hair and put it in little pony tails or bows however. Most people couldn't believe that she ever sat long enough for me to do these weaves... (which I can't think of the correct name for), but I think it was because I had done her hair a lot, and she was used to it. Granted, I would have to bribe her with an Eistein video and cheerios etc...

    I think your best bet is to mess with her hair a lot. Even if you just start with a morning and evening combing to get her used to her head being touched. Even running your hands through her hair as she plays etc. Or perhaps you could get her to brush your hair and then see if she will try to brush hers. If you make it fun, I think she will be more open to it. You could also try doing her hair in front of a mirror... Or encourage her put velcro bows on herself etc..

    Because she is African, you will only be doing her a favor to get her used to it now, as her hair will require a great deal of 'doing' later on. Most African infants her age, (in their home country) would be used to enduring the pulling and sitting required for braiding etc. Simply because they experience it from an early age.

    Good luck and have fun! I can't wait to learn all the braiding techniques etc!!

  2. Very cute! I did "comb coils" on our little one last night. It looks like a hundred noodles on her head... I love it! Do you have a tangle teezer... it works really well and is less pull than a comb or pick. We also give some treats during hair time... it is half way enjoyable for us now! Thanks for sharing!