Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kembia's 18 month checkup

My girl is growing! Okay, so it might be slow, but it is happening. She is almost 20 pounds. We have worked hard to be at that point. She gained 4 almost immediately, and then stalled out at around 18 pounds. Every ounce seemed like so much work. But she is finally on the growth chart, coming it at 2% for weight and height, and then get this, 64% for head circumference. I think there may be a slight "hair" factor there, but even allowing for that her brain is growing good!

We're trying to figure out if she may be having allergies mixed with some minor respiratory stuff that is keeping her snotty almost all the time and then contributes to a cough at night. Nothing too major to worry about, but it would be nice to not wipe her nose all the time.

They did a second Tuberculosis test now that they have been home almost 6 months and 4 more vaccines. She wasn't exactly crazy about that, but better shots than the disease.

Her hair has gotten drier too lately. Coconut oil seems to dry out my kids' hair, even though I keep trying it to help offset how quickly I am going through Miss Jessie's baby buttercream. I also got some stuff from the Shea Moisture line from Target but haven't used it too much yet. I am quite bummed about the coconut oil, people tend to rave continuously about how it is a miracle for their kids' hair, but no such luck on our end. Oh well, it's a process and we will find out exactly how to do it. I have been playing with her hair to try and help with the freaking out, but she still doesn't like it too much. We'll keep working at it!


  1. Seriously, I can't rave enough about Oyin. We noticed a difference right away.

  2. I have oyin's whipped pudding and am not a fan of it for either of my kids. Totally depends on the kid. To stretch our baby buttercreme I started spraying with water, using Knot today and then topping off with buttercreme. It saves money and works way better than what I was doing before. Knot today can be bought at Target