Friday, January 13, 2012

Moyz loves the toilet

This drives me up a wall. If I don't know where Moyz is, chances are he is by the toilet. It's not as simple as closing the door to the bathroom or getting a gate. If we close the door, we lose the best/fastest way to heat up the back bedrooms. I don't know why the vent in the bathroom heats the best, but it does. And unfortunately, we have yet to find a gate that works with our bathroom door which apparently is not a normal size. Not even the adjustable gates work. Go figure.

Both of my brother's kids were toilet players. And their daughter, who was born on the exact same day/year as Moyz, ATE toilet paper. As in from the toilet. Gag me a maggot. I used to tease him all the time about this. Ava and Owen were not excited by the toilet.

But Moyz, the kid loves it. I have even found toilet paper (wet) around our house. I have yet to see it in his mouth, but if he is fishing it out of the toilet bowl, why would it not go in his mouth? Everything else does. This of course leads to the question of who is not flushing the toilet, but everybody in my family says "it's not them".

Moyz also likes to put things in the toilet. I have mostly caught him as he was doing it so only two things have made it in: one of Truitt's booties, and today, the DVD remote. This one particularly sucks because our DVD player only has stop, play and eject on the player. If you don't have the remote you have to watch all of the things before the movie and I hate doing that.

No idea how I am going to stop this habit of his. Slapping his hand and firm no's have so far done nothing. And now my brother gets to laugh just as hard at me as I did to him!


  1. Oh my... yummo. Ha! My sister runs a day home and she has an ingenious invention on her seat that clips the lid shut... baby proof of course. Maybe that would solve the problem?

  2. Have you tried a toilet lock? This has saved us from lots of big things going in the does not prevent the dunking of credit cards though. :-)