Friday, April 27, 2012

Cloth Diapering

Aren't they all pretty lined up in a row?  Even though I shot in the shade and the flash apparently didn't go off?

We have great friends and family and they have so blessed us.  Last fall, they threw us a big diaper baby shower.  I just now ran out of diapers for Kembia and Truitt, I still have several boxes of size 5 for Moyz.  We were also gifted 18 cloth diapers, a combo of fuzzibunz and bumgenius. I told myself that when I ran out for Truitt and kembia I would switch Truitt to cloth.  And yesterday was that day.

Of course, I didn't realize that we were also out of wipes.  Oops.

Can I just say that the first moment I snapped one of those babies on Truitt I felt just better about diapering him?  He has such sensitive skin and somehow by basically just putting cloth on him it made me feel like a better mom!  On line it says that for one baby you need around 18 diapers, but I am already trying to figure out if I have enough to do Kembia too.  She doesn't go through a lot of diapers and I am hoping I can stretch between the two of them.  Truitt goes through quite a lot and I would love to not have to do a load of diapers every day, so we'll see if I can make this happen.

We definitely don't want to buy more because those puppies are like $20 a piece, and Kembia will be 2 this summer and sort of seems like she may be able to be potty trained sooner rather than later.  It's totally out of the question to diaper Moyz as well.  That kid, I swear he poops 4 times a day.  That is one thing that I don't really like about cloth, but am sure I will get used to- scraping the poop out of the diaper and into the toilet.  Oh well, just like wiping their butts, you get used to it!

Now I just have to wait for my wet bag from Amazon to come in the mail before I venture out of the house.  I don't really want to have to haul a dirty cloth diaper with me through a store leaving a lovely scent behind me for people to follow.  I'm already that loud family that people probably run when they see us coming, I don't need to be the stinky family too!


  1. Way to go! It does feel great to use cloth. We ended up getting an attachment for the toilet, that helped a lot. With all three in cloth we ended up washing (and drying every day). Work, but worth it.

  2. By attachment - she means a sprayer that easily hooks up to your toilet . You can get them for $25 on the steal sites. Also, if you watch, you can get cloth diapers for $10-$15. Are you on Facebook? I could link you the sites to watch. - reasonably priced diapers here.

  3. I switched our son to cloth at one year, and have loved it every since! He is 2 in June. You can buy cheap used diapers from Also, in regards to the poop, if you go to ANY fabric store, or even walmart, you can buy fleece. It doesn't shred at all, so you don't even have to sew it. Cut it into rectangles to fit on top of the diaper. It catches all the poop, but all liquids pass right through. The poop literally rolls right off into the toilet (unless it is runny). Soooooo much cleaner and easier than before. Enjoy!!!