Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Kitchen Saga Continues

Sooo, this whole new appliances thing has been interesting.  That's probably a good neutral thing to say.  I really want to say a pain in the rump, but that makes me sound ungrateful.

They were delivered last Friday by the nicest guy, he noticed our big family and said they were finding out what their 4th and last was this past Monday.  They have three girls so he was "hoping for the King, but it's all up to God".  Love it.

Anyway, it has all been much more involved than what anyone anticipated.  We got the fridge in, humongous by the way, but it just about doubled in size, the stove, and the dishwasher.  The microwave/range we couldn't install because Chris and his dad made the cabinets too small.  Kind of a sore point because I told them it was better to go too big and fix the soffit that the other way around, they didn't listen, and I was right.  So we had to rip down the cabinets and spend more money and put up a second set.

Plus, as we are leafing through our pamphlet on how to use our stove, we discover that you are not supposed to use cast iron pots and pans on a ceramic/glass flat top.  What?  That is all we use.  We both kind of looked at each other like crap, here we have this gorgeous stove and now we can't use our pans.  We really didn't want to go back to any other type for health reasons, and so we reluctantly made our weekend meals with our one stainless steel back up pan.  After two days of using it and googling about it and finding out that the vast majority of people hate ceramic/glass tops, we called the appliance place yesterday and asked if we could exchange it for a gas stove instead.  They very graciously said yes as long as it still looked good.

So now, for the past two days we haven't had anything to cook with because we got the new stove but have yet to convert our system to gas- we were electric before.  My in-laws are coming again tomorrow for the rest of the week to hook this baby up.  Meanwhile my best friend cooked our chicken in her oven today that we had taken out to thaw and I am hoping I can find something on the internet resembling "Cooking with the Microwave for Idiots" which is how I foresee the rest of the week, that and lots and lots of sandwiches.

We have also had to institute the new rule of no using the icemaker in the refrigerator door before 7 in the morning.  You would would think we keep our kids under a rock they are so enthused about it.  I am just grateful that Moyz and Kembia can't reach it!

P.S.  I absolutely LOVE my dishwasher.  First time I have ever had one in my life!

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