Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I disappeared into La-La Land

Okay, so much for saying that I was going to blog regularly!  but I have a good excuse.  My cousin had a I baby, and my aunt works for the airlines, so Truitt and I went on a last minute trip to Montana and I just got back last night!

Plus, blogger changed while I was gone and it has taken me forever to figure it out.  Go figure.  I leave for 4 days and everything new happens.

Moyz and Kembia, praise God, haven't freaked out since I have been home!  They both said Mommy!  And then have been completely normal ever since.  One humongous positive note for attachment!  Bring on our 10 day canoe trip this coming summer because my babies are going to be fine!

I have to admit I was very nervous about how Moyz would handle my return.  I was expecting him to be excessively clingy, crying and really emotional, maybe even some of the opposite, ignoring me and being mad.  But he is just his regular old self, running around the house, getting into mischief and coming back for love.  He did learn how to climb onto the back of the couch while I was gone and stand there banging on the window.  And both him and Kembia have learned several new words while I was gone.  Plus my mother in law decided that she would "start potty training them".  Now don't get me wrong.  I am glad that she wanted to help out in this way, but I don't think they are quite ready, and really, at this point in the game it is much easier for me if they are in diapers.  I don't have the time to constantly put them on the toilet if they don't really appear to be ready, so I don't foresee me keeping up with this.  Maybe once they are officially two, which is still the end of summer.  Not that two kids out of diapers wouldn't be great or anything.

Ava had a deer tick on her, so we started yet another round of antibiotics for Lyme disease preventative.  I am really hoping for a vaccine for this so we don't have to continue this trend.  And I am so paranoid about Moyz and Kembia because trying to get through their hair to see if there are any ticks the size of pin heads on them is almost impossible, and how am I suppose to see a red bulls eye rash on their dark skin?

Truitt spins in circles, as opposed to crawling of any type or pulling himself up at all.  But I figure any movement works, he even sort of gets himself to move in a horizontal forward type way, because all of a sudden he won't be where I set him down, but I have yet to see how he inches himself forward.

And here are a couple of pictures from my trip:

This is Truitt and his new baby cousin who is 2 weeks old.  My son looks like he could eat her.

The Montana badlands.  My Grandpa thought that this was excessively dangerous and that the rock we are standing on was probably going to break.

This was just a fun shot to take at a National Park in MT.  Gorgeous place, kind of felt like the Grand Canyon but not as deep.  We made sure that no cars were coming and everyone stood across the road behind me taking the picture just in case a car came through, but none did because it's the wild wilderness!

Okay, now I for real promise to blog regularly!

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