Monday, April 9, 2012


Haven't posted in a while because life here at our house has been exceptionally boring.  Mundane, routine, whatever you want to call it.  And the way I figure is that posting things like ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few "played outsides" tossed in, doesn't make for good reading.

But I thought I better post to let people know that, yes, I am alive and do indeed plan to keep posting.  Do you ever follow a blogger that posts a lot and then all of a sudden doesn't post for ages?  And you think, holy smokes, did they die?  And then you think that would be sad, because when people die it's sad, but selfishly you are thinking, I really like what they write and now there won't be any more posts?  (FYI, I do get that this isn't the best Christian response to something like that!)

Anyway, aside from every day normal life, the past couple of weeks have been expensive.  $2800 on appliances, $600 on car insurance, $150 on cavities, plus we desperately need another set of bunkbeds for the kids so we can split Ava with Kembia, and Owen with Moyz.  We have discovered that this will be more conducive to our babies actually sleeping.  Otherwise, they keep each other up and annoy me crazily at nap times.

Please, please IRS, let's move out of "processing delays" (which I secretly think means "you've been audited") and get us our money!

*Update: We received our "you've been audited letters" today in the mail from the IRS.  We're not allowed to contact them for 45 days from the receipt date, which they postdated TWO weeks from now.  I don't that should be legal in my own opinion.  So the earliest we can contact them about our refund is June 1st.

I am not happy.

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