Monday, April 16, 2012

A letter to my kids on a cold day

Dear Children,

When it is snowing out and I tell you to go downstairs and get dressed because we have errands to do, I mean to get dressed in seasonally appropriate clothing.  You do, after all, know it is snowing because you came into my room to wake me up and tell me so.

And when I mean get dressed in appropriate clothes, I do not mean a short-sleeve shirt with a puffer vest, capris and flip-flops.  Nor do I mean a tank top with surfer shorts and a jacket 4 sizes too big for you that goes down to your knees.  It is winter-like weather.  Hence the need for winter-like clothes.

Don't ask me if you can wear your new, oh so fashionable gladiator sandals that you just bought with your own money from your birthday.  I don't care if they are silver and match your mother's fingernails.  The answer is no.

Also, if you ask me today for the almost the millionth time if you can play with the water guns outside and "promise not to spray each other", I will probably go insane and then we will have some bigger issues to deal with.


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