Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fun Way to Wrap Presents

Over on In The Fun Lane, I saw this cute idea of decorating for presents this year.


How adorable is that?  

So I decided to give it a go and decorate our presents using kraft paper and colored yarn.  I didn't have enough time to do the cute little pompoms, but maybe I will throw a bow on top of mine.  

Here's how the first few turned out.

The pictures don't make them look all that cute, especially compared to In The Fun Lane's pictures, but they look unique and fun in "real" life, which is kind of what I'm going for.  Plus, you can get kraft paper dirt cheap at any store, and we already had the yarn hanging around the house, so it makes for a fun and inexpensive way to do up your presents.  I think my yarn is probably thinner too by the looks of it.  If you are purchasing stuff to do this I would go with thicker yarn,

If I were braver, I would have my kids paint pictures on them, but maybe I'll save that for next year!
Because really, look at these three trouble makers.  Giving them paintbrushes and paint would be a bad idea!

Those are their blankies.  Which they want tied around them all.the.time.

And then right as I was shoving the kids out the door this morning to not miss the bus, I noticed a piece of paper laying on the couch.  The dreaded "someone has lice in your child's classroom" paper.  That is one of my nightmares when it comes to Kembia- dealing with lice again now that she has long hair that takes forever to comb.  Turns out the paper came from Owen who "forgot" to give it to me last night.  But I feel a little bit better that it's his class because I can see it better in his hair then Ava's, so I feel like I have a better chance at preventing it from taking over my family.

Also, if you try to feed your kids quinoa for breakfast with peanut butter and honey they will think you are trying to feed them poison.  

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