Monday, December 10, 2012

Out and About plus Food Cleanse

So this weekend came and went.  Always crazy.  Here are a couple of the highlights from it:

-  Chris and I overheard Owen asking Ava if "all they're going to feed us for lunch is garlic meat?"  In response to being served what we both felt was yummy summer sausage.

-  At Fleet Farm (total man store if there ever was one), Moyz tried to wash his hands in the urinal next to Chris.  At least he values cleanliness

-  Seeing an ambulance at Walmart with the lights on Owen said "I see a human being put in the back!"  Not sure what other non-human things he my think use an ambulance.

And then the piece de resistance, I decided to do Martha Stewart's 2012 whole living cleanse.  I know, it's almost 2013, and I am sure if I waited her magazine will kick off the new year with another one, but there is no time like the present.

My morning started of with a disgusting concoction of a ginormous handful of kale, 1/2c. parsley, 1 banana and 1 apple plus 2 cups water all pureed in the food processor.  It was still chunky.  And gross. And something-in-the-teeth hell. Everyone in my family had a little bite and they were all like "this is okay, what are you whining for".  And maybe if you are only eating one bite it's fine, but a huge cupful?  No thank you.  And I get to do it again tomorrow because the batch made 2 drinks.  Wednesday I am going to try the beet drink.  Don't you want to join me?

I want to swoop in and win the biggest loser challenge my girlfriends and I have going on, plus I really want to be able to fit back into my jeans cause right now I only have 2 pair that fit nice and they are both looking a little ragged.

I sort of did this before when I did the nothing-but-vegetables for a month, and I lost a ton of weight and felt great once my system got over eating all those vegetables.  So I am hoping for a repeat of that.

Want to hear something depressing?  I read a report that Japanese women maintain their weight from the age of 30 until they die, where US women gain a pound a year until they die.  (Average woman in both countries)

What a cheery thought for a Monday morning.  Good luck with your week.

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