Thursday, December 6, 2012

Such is Life

Tired from all the crazy happening in our family, all I've got is update bullet points today.

- Two days ago Truitt opened the front door and fell down the cement steps.  Cause what he needs is more head trauma.  Huge, immediate goose egg.  And lots of screaming.  Great.  Sometimes I see his future as a brilliant scientist going down the drain with every head knock

Not a picture of the goose egg, I forgot to take one.

-  Kembia gets redressed about 4 to 5 times a day.  And she must have socks on.  I hope this doesn't carry over into next summer because I refuse to put socks on kids in the summer, and currently, without them, she completely falls apart.

Before the mass clothes consumption

-  Moyz has decided to start waking up again at 2-ish in the morning.  This makes me very unhappy and very tired.  Not a great combination for anyone, but especially for me.

I had to post this picture, kids on toilets always make me laugh

-  We've burned several warts on Owen with that at home nitrogen freezing kit.  Poor kid.  But I admit there is something satisfying about doing this.  Why is that?  Feeling cool because you are physically attacking a virus?  Must be the nerdy Microbiologist in me.

Obsessed with trees, so surprised we have no broken bones- yet

-  Ava is the world's biggest slob, and I fear it is something that Chris and I have created.  We haven't given our children very many responsibilities, and now I am deeply regretting this.  Actually, now that we are dealing with this, I think in general, that Americans don't give their kids many responsibilities, and now we are all trying to remake a preteen's ideas of what it means to be a person.  Of course, this topic is a serious one and probably deserves its own post on fleshing out exactly what I mean by that, but I am too tired and it's not gonna happen.

At least she's a cute slob

-  I had a dream that we had a dog and someone broke into our house and the dog saved our life.  So now I am a teensy bit paranoid that maybe we should get a dog.  Except I am not sure I want the responsibility.  I would love a well trained, family doting dog, but not the whole get-to-that-point-with-training thing right now in my busy life.

-  And to round it off, I need to cook my 10 freezer meals that I have put off for the last 3 weeks which are now due.  Fun.

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  1. Mighty fine looking crew. Keep an eye on that young one.