Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Demo Today!

Our bathroom upstairs is getting busted today- hallelujah!  But we thought we had an extra week to get ready for it, and just yesterday learned that we had to clear it all out and get ready.  Ensue panic.

Apparently, unknown to me, I am a bathroom products hoarder.  

You see, I have this massive bathroom cabinet because it was originally plumbed to have a stackable washer and dryer in it, but we didn't like that, so instead it became the graveyard of miscellaneous bathroom/medicine cabinet/who knows what.  For years.  

There is some stuff in there that I haven't seen in who know's how long.  I did find a package of Tucks hemmorhoid (I cannot figure out how to spell that!) pads up there, which I am assuming are from Truitt's birth, and he is now two, although, there is a decent chance they are from Owen's birth considering how far back they were and he's 6, so yeah, I might have a problem.  

The worst part is, is that I am having problems letting some of it go.  You know that whole, "I spent money and can't just throw it away" thing.  Some of it I am giving to friends, like all the Pantene Expert shampoo and conditioner I bought on 90% Christmas clearance only because it had Olay wrinkle cream as a bonus.  And then this summer when my kids had allergies and all that jazz and I couldn't find the medicine so I went out and bought two new bottles, well, they are still unopened, but I did find 3 other partially used bottles back in the eternal abyss.  

I really wish I would have taken a picture for all to see what it looked like both in the cabinet and then spread out all over my table as I try to sort through it.  I am so, so tempted to just pitch everything and start anew.  I won't, but man does it seem appealing rather than wade through all of the bags of stuff.

Wish me luck, I will probably spend the majority of the day still dealing with it all.

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