Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mom's Toy Box

I came across this fantastic idea yesterday.  Mom's Toy Box.  

For reals, why do I never think of this stuff on my own?

The Mom from 4 Men 1 Lady came up with this after trolling Pinterest. Basically, she tells you once to pick up your toy, and if you don't it quietly ends up in Mom's Toy Box.  After which if you want it back you have to do a chore to get it back.  Totally loving it.

My only concern is that with my 5 midgets, the box may need to be slightly bigger than the one above. Maybe Mom's Toy Room??  This combined with getting rid of lots and lots of excess should hopefully help. 

And I am totally putting "clean toilets" in as one of the chores to get back your toy.  I'm just that kind of mom!


  1. I just started doing this and they haven't asked for any of the toys back and it's been a week. Go figure!!

    1. Ah man, that is so totally not what I wanted to hear! But I guess the upside to them not wanting the stuff back is getting rid of it?!