Thursday, September 26, 2013

Poop To The School Fundraiser

I know, it makes me sound so non-supportive of our district.  But I kind of am.  I hate the yearly fall fundraiser with a passion.  Especially because the people in charge decided to change our district from 5 days down to 4.  We don't go to school on Mondays, but are legally required to attend the same amount of school as 5 day weekers, so our kids start early and end late.  All to save $175,000 per year, which sounds like a lot, but is pretty much not anything when you are several million dollars in the red.

Anyway, my point is that this ridiculous fundraiser where they sell cheap, expensive crap irritates me.  But Owen is totally devastated that we aren't doing it because "we can win stuff, Mom".  Which I will also take the time to say is cheap crap that they win.  It's a vicious circle.

Florida school fundraising humor

Typically what I have done in the past is order a couple of magazines and called it good.  But I pretty much get any magazine that I am interested in.  Poor Owen, he is going to have to be heartbroken because I am the mean mom that doesn't do it.  Although, I do have a friend who doesn't do it either, but mostly because on pickup day, it's totally chaotic and not handled well and she doesn't like dealing with that part of it.

Instead, we are going to let him take his aggression out on the walls in the upstairs bathroom which is being redone.  Nothing makes you feel better like punching a hole in the wall and your parents think it's okay!

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