Friday, August 2, 2013

Ava's Ideas

The girl is going crazy with ideas for her new bedroom.  And for the most part she has a really good eye.  But she can't seem to get the idea of a pink room out of her mind.  Like all pink walls and such.  Which I know she is going to outgrow in about 2 months of middle school.

Her room is going to be tiny, not quite 10X10.  She's thinking something like this.


And I am thinking something like this

.ideas for daughter's room
No source, sorry.

Or maybe this mood board.

Mood board for daughter

I'm all for her self expression, but not at the expense of my wallet and her changing whims.  She kind of has the same problem her mom has- too many ideas and not enough time or moola!

You should have seen her at IKEA earlier this week.  Every time we walked around a corner it was "I want this, no I want that!"  At least we have a few months, until the room will be ready to decorate.  Of course by then, I might be going crazy with all of her plans!

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