Saturday, August 24, 2013

Single Parenting Is Driving Me Crazy!

Okay, just to make it all clear, I am not actually single.  Chris and I are still hitched.  But he's up in the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness with Ava, and so for the last 4 days I am running the house solo.  And I am pathetic.  Like this,

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Running the house is clearly a misnomer.  Basically, I am trying to just stay alive.  90 degree heat, so outside isn't a great option.  Biting young dog inside driving me crazy and trying to eat everything.  4 kids telling me that they are "hunry"  all the time...  We've eaten fast food three times in 4 days and would have done it today but I had such mom guilt that instead of feeding them fast food, they whined through Walmart as I desperately tried to grab everything I could for real food at the height of their hunger.  I seriously walked with my hand over Moyz's mouth to prevent him from yelling and whimpering and drawing the eye of every person in the store.

Then we proceeded homeward, where they all fell asleep in the car, pretty much guaranteeing no real nap and no moment of peace for me later.  Sigh.  If I had to be a single mom for real, I don't know how I would survive it.

We watched three movies today.  Burn those brain cells.  And I fully plan on putting them all to bed at 6:30.  You know, practicing for the school routine and all that.

And tomorrow, tomorrow praise Jesus, is my last day solo parenting.  We have church at the lake for our summer baptisms, most excellent timing if I do say so myself, and a huge picnic, and I fully plan to spend the rest of the day there killing time and not messing up my house which I will hopefully clean tonight after the kids are in bed.  So that way Chris thinks I at least did something while he was gone.

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