Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Obsessed With

These are all of the totally awesome things that have caught my attention lately.

1.  Crock-Pot® Cook ‘N Carry® 5-Quart Manual French Bull Slow Cooker  2.iced 
3.  The Kensington Satchel4.  Around The World Leather Watch

1.  First of all, are you freakin' kidding me?  A life saving cooking device and colorful chevron?  I don't need another one, but this one is coming home.  I can'  Run, run, run to Target.

2. Coffee with sweetened condensed milk, ice or hot.  I'm not picky.  This one I picked up from Chris' cousin.  (A humongous thank you Molly!)  It's heaven.  I don't have any other words to describe it.  My favorite is probably cold over hot, but I will take it either way.  Apparently it's how the Vietnamese do their coffee.  And also, the Pioneer Woman is all about it.  So it is totally legit.  

3.  The Kensington Satchel from Madewell.  I have watched and clicked on the website to look at this purse since last April.  I may use it as a reward for weight loss.  Otherwise I just cannot justify spending $200 on a bag.  Even if I think it's perfect.  It's actually just sitting permanently in my Madewell checkout account.

4.  This awesome leather watch from Urban Outfitters.  And it's only $34.

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  1. All excellent obsessions. I recently saw something on pinterest about painting your white/black/silver crock pot. It had never occurred to me, but thought about transforming mine. Also, I love that bag!