Monday, August 5, 2013

Night Terror

I have never experienced a kid having night terrors, until last night.  Truitt woke up screaming "daddy" like we have never heard him scream before.  Chris went rushing in, and I just stayed in bed because usually only one of us goes.

He then called me from the bathroom, Truitt was looking around all crazy like there was someone in the room freaking him out and he had a temp of 101.5.  His whole body was trembling.

We thought the fever threw him into some time of febrile episode, and after I googled info about it this morning it really does sound like that's what happened.  We didn't freak out only because we have a friend who's little boy dealt with febrile stuff for a long time.

And this morning, right as rain.  Poor little kid, it's a tough way to start out something as exciting as your official second birthday.  Oh well, tonight we'll make up for it by eating lots of cake and opening a couple presents.   Nothing we got him will hold a candle to his Sully from Grandma and Grandpa! Although we may score a couple of points with the Monsters University phone we got him...

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