Thursday, August 29, 2013

Living Etc.

It's been a CRAZY week.  The kiddos have been getting up at 5:30 to start their day, it's been 90 degrees all day every day, last minute school shopping and open houses where locker combinations are causing a few hidden tears.  It all culminates in a wedding on Saturday and a baptism on Sunday.  Geesh.

Anyway, I have been a terrible blogger, and that will be the case the rest of the week.  

But, I am not totally terrible because I have found a magazine that I will let you know about that sort of takes the place of my beloved Domino that I have been missing for about the past 5 years or how ever long they have stopped making it.

It's called Living Etc.  It's a British house magazine, and I am loving it.  Let me warn you, it costs like $10 US dollars per copy, a big ouch.  Not cheap, not at all, but worth it.  And to be truthful, I am not quite sure where you can get it.  My podunk little town had it at our grocery store.  Probably one of the biggest surprises that I have had for awhile.  Perhaps a Barnes and Noble or other large bookseller?  Or maybe just check at your local food store.  

I like it because it is fairly eclectic and they always have homes where I know I can copy it for much cheaper.  It is a tad annoying if you find something you love because a. It's almost always from a British store, and b. you think it's a great price until you realize the price is in pounds which means in US dollars it will cost quite a bit more.  But for inspiration, this has been helping my Domino broken heart.  

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