Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm All Alone....

You know the song on Shrek that Donkey sings? "I feel so all alone inside" (or something like that), well that sums up yesterday and the next 4 days for me. Chris and his good friend are in the Boundary Water Canoe Area winter camping because they are insane. There is no other word for it.

And I, I am here all alone with my 5 children. And bonus, my house is probably the worst it have ever been because last night instead of leaving on time after work, my hubby decided that, oh yeah, I should probably pack for this crazy adventure that I am going on. Now, to give him credit, he has done this for many years, so he knows what he needs, but most people would have packed you know, before the day you are leaving. So there is literally all sorts of crap spread around my house and my kitchen, lets just say that when I walked into it this morning I could feel the bad thoughts kicking in. As in, someone has to clean up this mess or I am going to freak out, and then I remembered that that someone is me. :(

Add in that Moyz had 18 months shots yesterday, plus his general whining and neediness of the last two weeks and you have a recipe for some serious disaster. And Truitt decided to not sleep last night, because who needs sleep? A better choice of your time is laying in your crib in your parents room and talking to yourself all night long because that is simply so much fun and entertaining.

And to top it all off, I am supposed to go in to my yearly exam tomorrow. Pretty sure that's not going to happen and I am not even one of those people who dreads that. But can you imagine me on the table with 4 kids in the room with me? "Okay kids, everyone up above mom's waist" I can hear myself snorting over the fact that this is not going to happen.

I'll be real honest with you, these next few days are all about survival, forget thriving. I am talking just making it through the days and nights. I foresee a fair amount of PBS, pizza and cereal for supper. My older kids will probably think it's the best thing that ever happened to them!


  1. Yeah, we have 2 and I get ticked it my husband leaves for an overnight conference. Never mind multiple days... I hope you make it through okay. :)

  2. lol... yes, do what you have to do! Bring on the pizza and tv!