Monday, February 6, 2012

Poor Truitt Part 2

Little Truitt's weekend got a whole lot worse. On Saturday we went down to IKEA to try and find a creative solution to a huge wall that we need help with. His eyes looked a little runny that morning, and by the time we got there he was all red and had a fever. The last 2 days have been him with fevers and a horribly croup-y cough and troubles breathing. Of course, when I told my mom he was sick she thought it was probably due to the fact that Moyz shoved a recorder down his throat....

Luckily, we are going in for his 6 month appt. tomorrow, minus the vaccines now that he has been ill. And my friend is an RN and we happened to be at her house for the Super Bowl and she listened to his chest and told me what to look for like retraction below the ribs and in the throat. So he should be okay to wait until tomorrow. Poor little guy. I was reading about this lost tribe in Peru where people made contact recently and the wife had pneumonia and her husband was carrying her in a bag to try and make it to a clinic to help her. Sure makes me grateful to be able to have access to medical care, even if we have to pay an arm and a leg for insurance.

Still no camera yet, but I did find the camera battery charger that I didn't know was missing. I have this horrible fear that the camera is at my parents house from our last visit, and this could be a huge problem since my mom has more than a few hoarder tendencies. But, moron that I am, I have not taken any of the pictures off it for the last year, including when Moyz and Kembia got home, and it's killing me to think about if we never find it all the pics. we will lose. The good news is is that other people were there and took pictures so all is not lost, but so many would be. Hopefully we will find it soon!

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