Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Truitt and the ER

Well, little man didn't get better. Yesterday started out better, but then after we did errands and all that jazz and got all the way home, he started breathing really funny, almost like he was hyperventilating. I called the pediatrician's office to see if they could squeeze him in but they didn't have any room. They did, however, listen to him over the phone and told me to get him to urgent care immediately.

So I packed up the kids in record time and Chris met me at the ER/urgent care. They ended up putting him in the ER because of the wheezing and his age. Funny how you think just because you go to ER things will move quicker, but we waited an hour to see a doctor. The good news is that his O2 levels were good so I suppose it wasn't technically an emergency, but I was still a little annoyed.

They tested him for RSV which involves putting a small tube up the nose and squirting saline in it, he was not a happy boy, in fact he was crying so hard he stopped breathing and turned purple. And then after that we went to do the chest xray. I have never seen the crazy contraption that they use for babies, but it basically is a bicycle seat that the baby sits on and their legs dangle below it, they put their arms all the way up in the air and then close these two plastic walls around the body so the baby can't move. I had to stand in front of him with a vest on and hold his hands in the air and try to make him understand that I was doing this because I love him. At least he wasn't as mad as after the RSV test. After 3 hours, they ended up calling it bronchitis/bronchiolits and sent him home with steroids and antibiotics.

After a long and rough night for the little man and me, today rolled around and we happened to have both Truitt and Owen scheduled for well childs. I noticed he was doing the crazy wheezing thing again, and it turns out his oxygen levels were dropping and was getting worse. $200 later we are now the proud owners of a nebulizer machine and are giving him those every 4 hours. Super fun.

At least hopefully with everything we are doing we can finally kick this in the butt. Our pediatrician rocks and she said that they are seeing a lot of this this year, which is rare. She basically said that it is RSV but not RSV. And the bonus is that Moyz and Kembia have a good chance of getting it too, but now we have the machine and the medicine so we can always just neb them if necessary. When I asked about Owen and Ava she said that it would be basically a non-issue if they got it, that the smaller you are, the worse it affects you.

Still, watching your baby struggle to breath sucks. I am glad that we have insurance and are able to take care of it.

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