Friday, February 3, 2012

Poor Truitt

Truitt had a very rough day yesterday. First, Kembia threw a hard ball at him and it hit him in the face. Then when we had him down in one of the seats that keep you upright on the floor, I heard kind of a gagging noise and crying, and when I turned around from making supper, Moyz was jamming a recorder in his throat! I almost died. And I kind of freaked out and yanked Moyz off him so fast Moyz started crying. Later in the day, he was laying on the floor while I tried to clean the babies room and Moyz tripped and fell and both of their heads smacked into each other. Worst day ever for little Truitt.

We try to keep him off the floor and out of the babies' way, at this rate, he will be like 2 before he walks because he is definitely not moving along in his abilities as my other two bio kids. At 6 months they were both sitting unassisted for decent lengths of time playing with toys. Truitt can sit for a couple of seconds before he tips over and you better not move too far away from him because if you can't catch him as he falls he will hit the wood floor. Both Ava and Owen walked at 10 months. I just don't see that happening with Truitt since he is almost never on his stomach. Part of me worries a little bit, but I guess it is more important to keep him alive and away from his big brothers and sisters who have no control over their bodies!

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  1. Don't forget, you had a lot more time on your hands with your other two - so they likely had a lot more practise time! Truitt will catch up, then you will wish he hadn't! lol...