Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fights over Balloon Balls and Finger Pus

You know those balloons that are humongous and have the rubber band attached to them? We bought a 4 pack to celebrate Owen's fifth birthday. I thought that they would totally rock and the kids would love them.

Well, it probably wasn't my smartest move. At first there was just one because I almost passed out blowing it up. But then Kembia and Moyz went to town fighting over it, so I bit the bullet and blew up a second one (and then had to sit down!). Foolish me, I thought that everything would be okay because there were now two. Nope. Then they fought over which color they wanted. And I mean an all out brawl with tears and baby yelling and hitting. I finally hauled one kid to the living room with their balloon, and left the other in the kitchen. That didn't work either. They flocked to each other like magnets.

And then it happened, the blue one popped and the kids went ballistic. Tears and yelling. I had to take the second one away because they went insane over trying to be the one to get it. Of course, then they followed me down the hall crying and yelling because I put it away. And Kembia, sweet little thing that she is, is in a hitting mode, and tried to hit me the entire time going down the hallway. Pint size peanut packs a punch! Of course, she gets into trouble when she hits but that didn't stop her from trying.

They were royally upset that I ended the balloon play, which is funny because it's not like they even had fun with them. By the time everything started and ended about 5 minutes had passed.

And now onto the pus. My key chain broke and so I had to transfer all my keys onto the new one and from opening the circle I separated my fingernail from the skin underneath. Well, last night it was waking me up it hurt so bad. When I went to look at it, it was red and I ended up squeezing pus out of the nail. It hurt so bad and my endorphins kicked in that I almost passed out. Lucky me. Today I have been periodically squeezing out the pus to relieve the horribleness of it all. I can't even feel when I rub my other finger along my thumb. I am thinking that this is not a good sign. It hurts so bad that I can barely use it. This is going to be a problem during diaper changing when my kids try to escape. I might have to employ the "leg technique" , you know the one where you put your ginormous man (woman) leg over the kid to keep them from squirming away.

One other time I got an infection in a finger, it swelled up to literally double its size, and then I had to go and get it "drained" at the clinic. They did this by jabbing a tool under the fingernail without any type of local anesthetic and squeezing everything out. It hurt so bad I almost kicked the doctor. And then because my skin had stretched so much, the outer layer sort of deflated and peeled off. Disgusting. And aren't you so glad I shared?!

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