Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moyz, my Trouble Maker

Even less time to blog now because I cannot keep Moyz off the table. For real. Why, oh why, does he feel the need to climb on everything now? Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

Quick fish tank update. Two of our goldfish have succumbed to, drum roll please, not brackish water, but death by crab. Ah, what a glorious way to go when compared to "dying from salt". I think I may need to find a different type of food for them.

My kids are already planning their next fish to get from the store, but first we have to lose another goldfish. They have their hearts set on a dragonfish, even though we don't know what it looks like. Walmart mentioned that they were getting those instead of puffer fish now and they live in the brackish water environment we have. Who knows. I hope this hobby doesn't get too expensive!

1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure what type of crab it is - but chances are if it killed one, it will kill more! ;) So don't spend too much money on that new fish!