Monday, March 19, 2012

The Demise of a Fridge

Basically as soon as we moved into our house 9 years ago, I felt that our fridge was dying.  It made weird noises and didn't really seem to be as cold as other people's fridges even though I had that baby cranked up to the coldest option.  Well, its hung in there quite well over the years, but is now officially on its last legs.

For the past month or so, there would be occasional pools of water on the floor and there isn't an ice and water dispenser so there was no where for the water to be coming from except the cooling system.  This is not a good sign.

The past week it has been happening a lot.  To the point where on Saturday, my ever frugal husband said "We need to look for a fridge, like today."  So, we spent the majority of Saturday on the net trying to find the best deals and looking on Craigslist.  I really hope that you live in an area where your Craigslist rocks.  Ours sucks.  I think people are trying to get wealthy off of it.  They are asking for almost the full price for a fridge that is 3+ years.  I don't think so.

And can I just bemoan how expensive appliances are?  I had no idea.  This is the first time in my adult life, that I have shopped for appliances.  I was shocked.  Currently we have an 18.2 cu ft. fridge.  Given the large size of our family and the fact that I have to cram all of the food in there, we wanted a bigger fridge.  And I wanted one that had the double doors that you open all fancy like.  Do you know how much they cost?  At least $1000 on sale.  What?

We also have an oven that is kind of broken.  I say kind of because it does cook, but the double glass section on the front is only one due to the fact that I dropped a glass pan on it from the cupboards above and it smashed the first panel of glass.  Plus it cooks things in about half the time, and unevenly.  So my mind got moving.  Here's the deal, we have committed living in this house for the unforeseeable future.  We knew that adopting would put us into that position, plus when you add in that we are quite upside down on it, are butts aren't going anywhere fast.  Since we could be here for quite some time, we didn't want to get any new appliances as "intermediates".  And since we wanted stainless steel, we knew that this would require getting a stove and range as well.  Our appliances are currently an ugly cream and black, and so we wouldn't just get a fridge without the other part of it.

Did you know that stoves are like $700?  This is adding up quickly.  Plus, we had decided that since we have this many people in our family, it was time to buckle down and get a dishwasher, because it seems like all I do is wash dishes.  And dishwashers aren't exactly cheap either.

After what seemed like hours, we found a package that was fridge, stove, dishwasher and above the stove microwave/range hood.  After all the rebates, etc. it is costing us $2,800.  Now, I should probably clarify that this is a more upgraded set, but oh my word, I have to admit a little hyperventilating set in.  We actually went home and thought about it and checked in other stores to make sure that we were getting the best deal, but I have to admit the night before we bought them my dreams were filled with appliances and agonizing over what color options and the fact that we were spending so much money.  Yikes.

So they are coming on the 30th, and we are hoping that our fridge can make it for 2 more weeks, otherwise we are going to be living out of a cooler with ice.  They'll set them up and take our old ones away for recycling which is a bonus since we won't have to do it.

And now I will have enough room for all of the food my family requires.  Still, I was hoping that Craigslist was going to work out, and of course, we had definitely NOT planned to drop $3,000 randomly one day.  But I have to admit, it will be great to have a dishwasher and humongous fridge and a stove (it's a convection oven too, which I guess is an awesome thing.  Of course, pretty much anything will be awesome after the beast that I have been using!)  So glad that we got our state return back because it will cover just over half of it, so we don't have to dip into savings too much!  We don't plan on getting our adoption refund at all, (even though we should eventually), it's easier that way.  When we started our adoption the refund didn't exist, and so now it's  just a bonus.  But, we don't want to ear mark that money for anything in the event that it takes months and months to come.  Which is more likely than not, although I am praying that ours moves quickly.  Although I have my doubts because I forgot to put or SS numbers on the receipts and you are supposed to do that in case they get removed and separated from your file.  Oops.

I will post before and after pictures so you can see the difference.

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