Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kembia's New Do

Yesterday I spent probably between 3-4 hours getting what I consider to be Kembia's first "real do".  The puffs that I posted before I kind of feel like they are a cheater hair style!  I believe that this is called a two-strand rope twist.  It is stinking adorable.  I go between thinking she looks like Snoop Dogg and Medusa.  While both sound terrible, I just want to squeeze her!

We did it in 4 separate sittings, and all involved lots of candy eating, otherwise known in our household as bribing.  Funny thing about Kembia and her hair, if you give her candy she doesn't scream when you touch it.  Without candy, bring on the lungs.

My right wrist was killing me, I think it's still sore.  And I realize that it isn't all nicely parted and looking all cool that way, but I have to start somewhere!  I am really hoping that this lasts at least a week because if not it might just be too much work for days less than that.  I am super excited to see what it looks like when we undo it.  If I remember I will post a picture of that too.