Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr. Truitt

Truitt now weighs more than Kembia and is in size 12 months clothes.  The same size Moyz wore when he came home.  Did I mention that he's only 7 months old?  Crazy.  I cannot believe how fast he is growing.  The kid is going to be humongous by the time he is one.

Anyway, here is a little pick of him from yesterday.  What a cutie, makes me said that he's my last baby.  Plus, I think his eyes are turning brown or hazel.  First bio kid that appears to be growing out of their blue eyes.  I maybe passed some part of my genes along after all!  He loves that doll in the picture, she has wings with crinkly stuff in them and it's his favorite to chew down on her!

He's quite the little chunk!  And getting very upset with me.  Since I have been losing weight (down 5 pounds!  I still can't quite see Peru around the corner, but we're getting there!) my milk is down and he gets very impatient if it's time to eat and he has to spend too much time trying to suck to get any, so he turns his head and yells.  So I have started to supplement formula.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I really wanted to breastfeed him until one year.  Because it's free and the best for him, but I will be completely honest, and selfish here, I am happy that I am losing weight, and so I will continue with what I am doing even if it means feeding him formula.  Still, I am already missing the time together even though we continue to do it through the night and a couple times a day.  He is still eating about every 2 hours if we are at home and he isn't distracted.  Seriously, it's like his hobby.

The other kids absolutely adore him.  Owen over-loves, Ava is a mini mother and Kembia calls him "Roo-Ree" which I think is absolutely adorable, and pretty close to Truitt if you ask me.  Moyz continues to call him "da-da" which is baby. ( "dad-deee" is daddy).  Moyz has also tried to feed him: napkins, peanut butter toast, and wood chunks from a basket, not to mention the time he shoved a recorder down his throat, which I already told you about.  I am sure there are countless other things they have tried to "feed" him. but I am not recalling at this time.

I definitely think he is going to grow up to be one tough kid.  It's be tough or perish in this house!

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  1. He is so adorable! I love his red hair!!