Friday, March 23, 2012

Survival 101

For probably the last 6 months or so I have had this nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I need to be more prepared for emergencies.  For example, last fall a storm hit our city, I don't believe it was a tornado, but there was tornado-like damage done.  Our street was the worst affected and made the state news.  Our house was the only house on the street that didn't have any severe damage, I think God was blessing us since we had new babies.

The lights were going on and off, imagine me in the basement with no lights and babies.  Trees were literally ripped up and thrown, our garbage cans were whisked across the street and halfway across the lot.  A neighbors tree had a 2 foot diameter and was ripped up like it was a toothpick.  I didn't even have a flashlight with me.  I just grabbed them and ran downstairs, where we proceeded to do nothing.  because we couldn't, even if we wanted to.

This has nothing to do with the crazy 2012 Mayan doomsday stuff which I believe is a bunch of bologna.  But it has everything to do with being able to take care of my family in a real emergency where maybe we didn't have any electricity and couldn't get to a grocery store, etc.

We would be sorely lacking.  Not much for food, 2 tiny little flashlights, no candles, no matches.  You get the picture.  So, using my BFF Google, I started researching.  and here is what I discovered: There is a giant paranoid population in the good ol' USA.  And these people are READY.  (I may not know what exactly they are ready for but they are ready.)  They have plans and backup plans and food to last for a year and 5 different ways to start a fire.  They have "Bug Out Bags" if you need to high tail it out of your house.  They know 30 things to do with a bandanna, and that the Leatherman Wave is by far the best multi tool on the market, though perhaps a little heavy.

And it's starting to make me paranoid.  Like if something actually happened and now I have to defend myself and my kids and my home, and what am I going to wield?  A BB gun?  Sorting through the crazy, I did get a bunch of good ideas on things to bulk up and have for your home, and stuff for emergencies and a list of things to keep on hand that would be useful.  But still, now I feel a little like I need to run to Walmart and buy 20 pounds of rice and beans and water coolers and canned foods and oatmeal.  Nothing that parishes too quickly, plus I will need flashlights and batteries and a radio that I can crank with my hand or use solar so I can listen to what is happening in the world.  And the list goes on.....

Anyone else feel this way?  That you would sorely be lacking in an emergency?  And that you need to do something RIGHT NOW OR DIE?

In case anyone is interested, I went to "The Survivalist Blog" and got a lot of my info.  Here's the link:

I suggest reading some of the comments under different posts.  People are fascinating, some of them I would love to meet, although I may be a little afraid of them!


  1. I have a friend who's ex-husband is a survivalist and he carries around 2(!!) backpacks just in case of an emergency. Based on him, I think the super survivalist people are crazy.

  2. I guess two is better than one!? I followed a comment thread on one of the posts where people were seriously debating between having pre-cut plywood sheets to cover their windows, vs. pre-cut chain link sheets. The argument was that you couldn't defend as easily with the plywood because you couldn't see people coming. But with the chain link you still are preventing people from coming in the house that way, but could shoot through it. What do you say to stuff like that?