Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I was going to post a bunch of pictures, but it just seemed like a lot of work this morning, and since I am already frazzled from Ava almost missing the bus, I just can't handle the extra "work"!  So instead of a photo dump, you get a brain dump!  (Lucky you)

Moyz has a little extra weight to him, like all 19 months old should.  After a bath one day we were looking into the mirror and I said "Moyz, you have man boobs".  Kembia happened to be in the room and then she proceeded to walk around the house repeating boobs over and over again.  Oops.

Speaking of repeating things, that girl is on fire with her words.  I am so proud of her, and Moyz  apparently doesn't want to be left behind because he is quickly keeping up with her.  It is so much fun when the kidlets are talking.  I forget how cute and proud it makes one feel.

Truitt is officially done breastfeeding, which is both sad and nice.  Nice because now I don't have to spend oodles of time trying to feed him while he looks around and gets distracted, but sad because it was so nice to snuggle with each other, and also sad because formula costs a lot.

Owen busted his bottom lip straight up the middle, so now he resembles just slightly lips like Angelina Jolie, only in a more disgusting, bloody way.  We cannot get that puppy to heal.  Going on 4 weeks and it is still split.  Part of the problem is that he is rough and keeps re-opening it.  I keep telling him to put chapstick on but he forgets a lot.

Ava turned 9, which I cannot believe.  She is literally turning into a young lady before me.  Pretty soon we are going to have to go bra shopping, which almost makes me want to hyperventilate because I feel like she is so young, but it is going to be necessary real soon.  And the last time I passed through the bra section for girls in Target, they were all padded.  For real.  Padded.  Don't the designers know that they are kids?  They do not need padded bras.  I could probably tangent about this for a long time, but I will spare you.

And the hubs and I refinanced the house under the Harp 2.0 program which allows those who are current and not in danger of losing their homes, but upside down on their mortgages.  30-40% of Americans are upside down on their homes right now.  If that is you, I would highly suggest doing this.  It is a straight up refinance, with no negatives affecting you at all.  We went from a 30 year (of which we have paid for 5) at 5.75% to a 20 year at 4.375%.  We will pay off our house 5 years early, and a much lower rate (saving big moola in the long run), for $13 more per month than what we are paying right now.  We were very tempted to refinance to a 15 year mortgage (that would be our Dave Ramsey class kicking in!), the rate was an amazing 3.5%, but we would have to pay an extra $140/month, which doesn't seem like a lot, but we still feel like we are trying to budget and get the best handle on that.  I would check it out if you are upside down,  it does depend on the kindness of your bank since they are not legally required to do it.  But if you can save money and you lower your rate, why not?  I will also add that you might want to hurry, rates have gone up slightly the last several weeks.

Oh, and only 3 more days till my new appliances!  And a good thing too because my fridge continues to leak like crazy.

Okay, that's it for now!

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  1. Oh Jess - I'm in the same cycle of life as you are right now with my soon to be 9 yr old. I've purchased 'the book', and the 'bras' - which I refuse to call 'bras'. The term is 'sports top' for the time being! I've written a post that I will put up this week!