Friday, September 28, 2012

Epic Fail

Do you see this gross, disgusting bowl of dirty water?  I am super ashamed to admit that this is what happened after I cleaned my hallway walls from the bottom half down for the first time in, oh, as long as I can seriously remember, so at least 5+ years.  Disgusting.

And then the wall was looking brilliant and fabulous, like I had just given it a new dose of paint, and what do I decide to do?  Try to free-form paint a pattern on the wall in black because it might just turn out cool and give me what I was looking for down the hall.

Here is what happened:

The smudges are because I got seriously ticked off at how ug to the ly it looked, and in my frustration I decided to graffiti my already crappy wall.  Owen, sweet boy that he is, tried desperately to tell me that it "looked pretty good except for the messy, smudged parts".

And now because his momma is a  m.o.r.o.n   I have to repaint the hallway for real, which definitely isn't happening today, and Chris is going to freak out when he comes home.  I am thinking about emailing him to give him a fair warning because he probably would go into convulsions if he came home and saw it immediately upon entering the house and not even I will be able to somehow convince him that it is abstract or something equally artsy along those lines.

Why can't I leave things alone?  I am pretty sure when he asked me last night what our weekend plans were he wasn't expecting me to say paint.  And now, instead of doing something in the glorious outdoors, I have to quick rack my brains on what I want to do with the hallway, because I am not going to repaint and turn around and decide that I want to stencil.  So actually, when I think about it, I need time to decide what to do, so the wall will be around for at least a week.  Brilliant, hubs will love that.  (sarcasm, sarcasm, drip, drip, dripping)

It's a good thing Chris is pretty easy-going, but even this may tax him just a smidge.  Or two.

PS: Totally different subject but I just finished season 2 of Downton Abbey and am insanely jealous that the Brits have already started season 3 but it's not coming to the US until January 3rd.  I am actually so pathetic that I found some British blogs that have reviewed it so I can know what is happening.  I totally recognize that this is like jumping and reading the end of the book, but I don't care.  It will still be fabulous when I finally get to see it.  Do you know how far away January 3rd is?  Like forever.


  1. Haha! Tell him a tractor ran up your wall and left it's tracks. :)

  2. Now that you say it, that is exactly what it looks like!