Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why Is It........?

Today as I eat my oatmeal with craisins, I've got nothing but a bunch of why is its, so I decided to just run with that.

Why Is It....

1. That after a considerable amount of time debating whether or not to get a heavy set of bangs and finally going in last night to do it, my hairdresser doesn't think it will be a good idea because of a very severe cowlick right down the middle which would forever split the bangs and make them look ridiculous?

2.  That the only word Truitt knows is "no", and must say it all the time?

3.  That Kembia and Moyz have decided the best way to interact with each other is to hit and bite?

4.  That I can't fit into my jeans, and all my attempts at losing weight are being thwarted?

5.  That my entire wardrobe sucks.

6.  That I don't have the money to buy a new wardrobe.  :(

7.  That I have decorating ADD and must change things all the time?  Seriously, how do people stay with stuff so long?

8.  That I  love Ava's Spanish class at home?  Seriously, her Spanish class rocks.  You get to play games and have an Avatar that you get to redesign with money you earn when completing sections of the class.  Trust me, if Spanish had been like this in school, I would be fluent at this point.  Heck, this program would have worked with Russian in college as long as the clothes were designer and you could spend money on dream vacations!

9.  That it's only September and Christmas decorations have appeared in our local store?

10.  That it is only September and I am already dreading the chaos the kids will give to the Christmas tree?

11.  That Truitt has decided to spit out every food we give to him and then think he is so super cute?

12.  That Kembia can ask to sit on the toilet and literally force the tiniest bit of pee out of her to get a chocolate chip whenever she randomly wants to, but will not tell me when she has to go to the bathroom the rest of the day?

13.  That my allergies are still going strong?

14.  That I have become addicted to McDonald's mochas?  (This may be contributing to number 4 and the fact that I have severe muffin top over my jeans)

15.  That we have had our adoption tax refund for almost two months and have not bought anything superfluous and excessive with the money?  I think it is burning a hole in my brain, not my pocket!!

16.  And the last one, because it is never good to end when people would expect it, like with number 15, why is it that as I currently am writing this, Truitt is playing in the garbage can and Moyz is playing with the dustpan?  Can't I for once have the kids who don't like gross things?!

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