Monday, September 10, 2012

Kidlet Updates

Thought it was time for a kidlet update considering my parents occasionally follow this blog and probably are wondering where the kid stuff is.  Because I know they would rather see that then anything else.  At this point in life they are in it for the grandkids!

Truitt is officially completely off bottles.  This took me forever.  We had all of our other kids off bottles way before one year (Kembia and Moyz didn't really do bottles).  But I felt bad for him because he was the smallest (no longer) and most neglected and his bottle was just so comforting for him.  But at his one year checkup, which I didn't do until he was 13 months, oops, his pediatrician told me I should probably start parting ways with wonderful, reliable, kid-soother.  At least we still have pacifiers.

Moyz, bless his heart, after extensive nights of trying various things to get him to sleep through the night, FINALLY IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I will post on this later as an adoption post, because it's worth chatting about for any that are in the adoption process.  But as a quick reminder, this is a kid who has gotten out of his bed every night at about 11 and 2, sometimes more, but always those times, for just about the last year.  And of course, you worry about attachment issues and all that stuff so you don't do anything to fix it and then you are just extremely tired for one year.  But not longer, praise Jesus.

Kembia I need to teach the difference between a toilet and the tub.  I asked her to put her jammies in the toilet after she leaked in them one night last week, and I cutely watched her walk down the hallway and into the bathroom with them.  Later that day, I went in to go to the bathroom and there they were shoved into the toilet.  Awesome.  And also she now tells Moyz "shame" whenever he does anything wrong, thanks to her grandma who taught her that one.

Owen is loving school.  Finally.  He pretty much dreaded the idea of going until we went and dropped his stuff off in the classroom.  He loves to taunt Ava that she is still going to school when he gets home mid-way through the day like all Kindergartners do.

And Ava.  Ava has asked to go back to public school because she is missing her friends and "wants to show them all of her new clothes".  Which I promptly told her wasn't a good enough reason to go back to public school.  We are still trying to figure out the homeschool thing.  I feel like I was greatly misled by the school about the amount of parent interaction required.  Basically, I was told that 4th graders do much of it by themselves and that they work at their pace.  Um, no.  The only time she does that is when she does Literature and the worksheets for the story.  Otherwise I am teaching her and interacting with her the whole time.  And where are the babies you might ask?  Good question, essentially wandering the house and watching PBS.  This is not a good alternative for them.  For now, I am desperately trying to find ways to interact with the littles and teach Ava.  This is much, much harder now that I have to be with Ava pretty much the whole time.  I should probably be clear that this is a public school done at home, as opposed to traditional home school where you can go at the pace the child goes.  Ava has learned a new math concept every day.  I know for a fact last year they focused on one, maybe two new concepts per week.  I will keep you updated as to what we decided to do.

The good thing about homeschooling is that my days go by super fast, and I don't leave the house and get tempted by all of the goodies at Target that I could be buying, so I can already see how much money this is going to save us!  But having three feral toddlers wasn't exactly on my to do list, so that is a situation that must get better!

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