Monday, February 18, 2013

Kembia's "Nose Earring"

Ava had some of those little nail stickers to use for your manicures.  Kembia saw them and wanted one in a bad way.  So nice girl that she is, Ava gave her one and put it on her thumb.  To which Kembia said "no, on my nose.  I want a nose earring like mom".


I thought it was so cute.  And when I shared it with Chris he said  "Great.  We're totally going to have kids covered in piercings, tattoos and dye their hair".

I just looked at him and sweetly said "Oh, so you think I'm a bad example for our kids?"  Seeing as I have three tattoos (would love more), a nose ring and always dye my hair.

And he looked at me and realized what it was that he just said, and then tried to mumble something about how I wasn't a bad example, and that he just didn't want out kids to do any of those things really early in life.

Insert foot into mouth.

I tried to explain that there is a big difference between this:

heart nose ring

And this:

Givenchy Nose Ring

But this is more Chris' idea:

Nose Ring

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