Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Packing, Packing, Packing

I've been dreaming about NYC since December when Chris got his 10 year gift from his company.  And I've been thinking about what to pack a lot.  Chris would prefer that I be thinking about the winter camping we are doing at the end of this month in the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness, but alas, I am having a hard time getting over excited about the long johns and snowpants I'll be bringing on that trip.  Not to mention the 50lbs. of gear I'll be hauling in on a sled and cross country skis.....

True story about this picture, I googled winter camping images and this was the first picture that popped up! I almost peed a little when I saw hubby and a good friends of ours on a google search!  (Chris is on the right in case you couldn't tell because of all of his beardly manliness)

Thank goodness for that little addiction called Pinterest you all may have heard about.  It's helping me get inspired for my big city adventure.  Which also might be the fanciest stuff I ever do in the history of my life given that Chris' company is picking up the tab and they are being very generous in what they want us to do. Broadway, fine dining, killer hotel, the works.

But what to pack?  NYC can be tricky in April, although we'll be there when it's just about May.  I've heard freezing temps, to rain to 70 degrees.  I suppose I'll have to wait for the final stuff until it gets closer and I can look at a 10 day forecast, but until then, I am having fun with all of these.

Packing for New York
Nice and casual, but maybe a bit too summery for Spring.  Also I would never wear white pants or shorts.

Just ignore the pool attire, not really going to be a part of our trip

This one seems like the best that would correspond with what we are doing and potential colder weather.  Although I never wear yellow because it  makes me look sick.  But for a guideline, this is great.

I'm also going to try and do it all in a carry on because really, we are only going to be gone 5 days including the days we travel.  Chris doesn't think I can do it, especially because I'll need fancy clothes for Broadway and supper.  He thinks that since we'll be walking a lot during the days that we'll want to change for night stuff.  He's probably right, but that involves bringing a lot more stuff.  We'll see how savvy I can be.  Although, to be fair, I packed for two weeks in Africa in a carry on, so if I can do that, I can certainly do this!  

PS- If anyone's counting (mom and dad), Owen threw up last night making it a total of 4 of the Nelson's succumbing to norovirus.  It's just me and Moyz and Kembia remaining.  The question is for how long?  Also, sickness in large families suck.  It takes forever to go away.

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