Friday, February 22, 2013

The Sugar Eaters

Look at these two naughty boys.

Do you see the black container Truitt is holding?  That's the sugar bowl.  That they were both grabbing handfuls of sugar out of and secretly eating and where I found them when it seemed awfully quiet in the house.  Together they probably ate about 1 cup of sugar.  Best day of their lives.  

I won't admit how terribly hard it was not to laugh at them seeing all the joy in their eyes as they thrust their chubby little hands into the jar and quick into their mouth.  

While they were eating sugar I was with Kembia on the couch.  She was supposed to have had a doctor appt. yesterday morning, but then Truitt threw up so I thought he was sick, but he had food stuck at the back of his throat and by the time I figured it out I had already canceled Kembia's appt., and she's getting worse and grabbing her throat and her fever moving up.

We ended up having to see a Dr. that we don't normally go to, but he was able to get us in later that morning.  And it was a good thing too.  Originally, I thought she maybe had a virus since all of the kids are slightly snotty and coughing, but we're gearing up for the Boundary Waters next week, and I didn't want to not take her in case it was something more serious. Turns out she has strep throat, an ear infection, and to top it all off, a respiratory infection.

And to think I wasn't going to take her in.

Now I am hoping that all of our kids will come down with it in the next few days so we can take them and get antibiotics for them before we go and my in-laws don't have to deal with it.  I already checked with the clinic and they said we just need a note giving rights to the grandparents to bring any of them in should they need it.  

Seriously  hoping Kembia is the only one, but definitely not holding my breath seeing as all the babies share sippy cups, and it is virtually impossible to prevent it.  I tried once to have a designated cup for each but gave up in frustration.

So far we are 1 1/2 months into 2013 and our medical payments are almost what they were for the entire year of 2012.  Maybe we're just getting all our sickness out right now and then will be done.  

Wishful thinking.

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