Friday, April 15, 2011

I made it to today before calling USCIS! But I did call them about 5 minutes after they opened!

We have a caseworker!! And they said those magic words- "Do you want to talk to her?" Yes, please! Unfortunately, she didn't pick up, but I did leave a message so hopefully she will call me back and then I can ask how things are going, and how long it may take, and talk to her about our fingerprints being redone next week.

Maybe we are the only family assigned to her right now and all of her time will be focused on us- wouldn't that be fantastic!? And probably a pipe dream, but I am okay with that.

In the mean time, yesterday I decided that I had to repaint the bathroom. It was absolutely vital to my sanity to change the color. It had been the same color for almost 7 years. A lifetime in my case, remember? My kitchen has been 8 different colors in 8 years, so the fact that the bathroom made it that long was almost a miracle. I will post a picture later, it's too bad I didn't do a before and after shot, but oh well, I am impatient and just started going to town!

Chris came home from work and just sort of ran with it. After 10 years of marriage and countless paint colors, it doesn't really surprise him anymore. I lucked out that he is so relaxed about it. I definitely have friends whose husbands would not be so calm!

Other than that, we are supposed to have SNOW this weekend. Such a four letter word in my book- especially in April. Ugh. I haven't had the heat on in the house most of the last week and a half, and now back to winter. Oh well, it could be worse.

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