Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I600 approval!

We have our I600 approval! Yeah! And the best thing is it only took 3 1/2 weeks to receive the news that we were approved. The hard copy is yet to come in the mail, but I am okay with that!

Next step- embassy appointment. I know that this has been taking quite awhile to get, as well as the visa following it, but I am staying positive and praying a lot that our process will move supernaturally fast. I know that if God wants us to move quickly it will happen. Our agency actually requested the appt. but apparently the National visa center hasn't received the hard copy yet either, so we weren't technically in their system and they were a little confused. I called USCIS and the woman that I talked to said she doesn't understand it, but after you get approved it takes about a week for the papers to move out of the building and onward to where they should be. I don't know if this will delay us a little bit if they don't let us request an appt. until the visa center gets our approval our not. Regardless, it shouldn't be too much of a delay.

So pumped to be at this point. May 1st officially marks one year in this program, and having our I600 approval is a good place to be!

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