Thursday, April 7, 2011

Non-Update Update

Nothing new really going on at the Nelson household. Still waiting on our I600, hasn't even been two weeks, but I am desparate to call and see what's happening with our application. However, I will wait the full two weeks and not call until next Monday or they might just think I am insane. I continue to turn our eggs twice a day. Super exciting stuff. They are due to hatch on Easter, which everyone but myself thinks is the sweetest timing. I am paranoid because we are supposed to go an hour away for lunch and the rest of they day after church, and I have no idea if I should be at home "helping" baby chickens hatch. Our cat jumped out of our open living room window and landed into bushes and snow. She was not happy and spent who knows how long mewing under the window desparate to get back in. If I am completely honest, I have to admit that I thought it was kind of funny. Had a conversation with Owen that went something like this- I don't want to get married when I am grown up because then I will have kids and I don't like kids because they have slobber. I then told him that he could still get married if he fell in love with a girl and they didn't have to have kids. To which he said that he still probably wouldn't get married because babies come out of women and he just didn't want any. Then he asked me if he could marry a boy if a boy liked him because boys don't have babies come out because they have penises. Que the conversation about how God intended marriage to be between a boy and a girl, and that really, truly, they don't have to have babies if they don't want them. I have no idea where his paranoia of slobber has come from, but he sure has given it a lot of thought on how to avoid baby slobber! Sorry about the total run-on paragraphs, for some reason, blogger isn't letting me have my spaces that I put in, if anyone knows how to fix this I would totally appreciate it!

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