Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I ended up talking to USCIS last Friday anyway because I saw a post by America World Adoption basically stating that if the govt. had shut down, it would more than likely affect adoptions, and so I once again started panicking about our soon to expire prints. The woman who helped me was awesome. I know some families have really gotten some intersting people when calling them, but she was fantastic. She looked up our case for us and we haven't been assigned to an officer yet, but she did say that they are moving through them pretty quickly, so hopefully the 10 weeks that it says on their website isn't true. I am going to try and make it to Friday before I call again and see if we have an officer assigned to us.

Besides that, I have been going through a serious nesting phase. As in, I am getting anxiety about all sorts of things- the mess in the basement, what their nursery bedding should be (I have changed my mind a million times and it is quite hard to do a nursery for both a boy and a girl together, you can't be too girly or too boyish), the fact that our yard is overrun with creeping charlie and moss, which doesn't have a single thing to do with the adoption but is still bugging me anyway!

I'm also anxious about not really knowing when we will go and get them. If USCIS is fast it could be June, if they are slow, end of August into September. It kind of feels like a big spread of time to me even though in the scheme of the total adoption we are only looking at a few months difference. Still, at this point, any delay seems like years, and our kids just keep getting older in the pictures we receive.

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