Sunday, April 17, 2011

trees and a chainsaw

We have 9, yep, 9 trees in our backyard. This may not seem like a lot to those of you who actually have land, but we live in the city on a mid-sized lot. (We also have more trees in the front just for your info.) I have a love/hate relationship with these trees. Love them because they remind me of the country, hate them because they block most of the sun and our backyard is almost all shade- read lots and lots of mosquitoes.

Anyway, about 2 years ago one of the trees basically split in half, it didn't pull apart of fall, but there is this huge crack in it. We don't own a chain saw and basically were too lazy to get around to doing anything with it. This year I decided to be proactive and call one of our friends who has a chain saw.

Long story short, Chris managed to have part of a tree fall basically straight down on him while he was in the tree, and also cut his leg with the chainsaw. The good news is, is that while it sounds all horrible, it wasn't as bad as it actually sounds when you read it. The chainsaw got caught up in his pants and boxers, and so spared anything serious with his leg, and the wind unfortunately blew the tree crazy and it fell straight down. From the window, where I was watching, it looked like the tree hit him smack in the chest, but in reality actually missed him completely.

I gently reminded him that we are going to be bringing home the kidlets soon, and that perhaps we should up his life insurance policy if he continues to find himself in those circumstances! Of course I was the one who said here's a chainsaw, let's cut stuff down!

Now that we have had a chainsaw in our hands, I have been fighting the crazy idea to just cut a couple of the trees down- it would let some nice light into the backyard for us. But then we would see more of the neighbors house, and at this point that is what is stopping us. We'll have to ride it out and see.

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