Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seriously people- we have baby chickens. I never in a million years thought this was going to work. So much so that we didn't buy the things necessary once they hatch, like a heat lamp, and food and all that stuff.

Last night about 8:00 Chris says "I think I hear a chicken." No you don't, the window is open, it must be a robin. because in my mind I am thinking that these eggs spent some time at 108 degrees, which isn't supposed to happen, and we basically fried them before they even had a chance. We heard it a second time and ignored it then too. But when we put the kids down for bed we peeked, and unbelievably there was a chicken!

We hatched 3, but I am not sure one of them is going to make it. I had to help him out this morning after he spent 14 hours trying to come out on his own and didn't make it. Still no idea what it is that we are going to do with chickens IN THE CITY. And really hoping our city officials don't see them because technically we are not supposed to have poultry where we live.

Should be interesting.

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