Monday, April 25, 2011

So I hung up on USCIS today. Last Friday I talked to our caseworker about where we sat with things, today I decided just to call and speak to the people who answer the phone before transferring you. The woman I spoke to said that it looked like our
I600 was done but that our officer hadn't updated the status yet. So then she transferred me back to our officer, that's the point that I then hung up the phone. See, I don't want this poor woman to think that I am some sort of crazy adoptive parent (even if it's true!) and since I just talked to her, I decided the best option was to hang up! I wonder at what point this week it would be okay to call her again.....

On other news, the house next to us has people moving into it. It has been empty for almost two years after the family before went through a nasty divorce and left it. I have mixed feelings about getting people finally. I know that it's good if we ever want to sell our house to have people actually living in the homes next to us. But it has been so nice not having anyone near us on that side, plus our bedroom window faces their house, so now I have to be concious of when I am dressing and all those things.

We haven't had a chance to meet them yet because it appears that they are moving slowly into the house and aren't spending the nights yet. Chances are probably pretty good that they are nice people. But I still worry about those so called neightbors from he**. I have many friends with lots of wonderful stories about those types of neighbors.

Yet another reason I want to move out into the country. But we knew by adopting that we would be staying put in this house for quite some time.

I keep telling Chris we need to put up a privay fence, but our yard is huge and it's just not a financial priority right now. Plus Chris tells me that I am being anti-social by doing that. We'll see what happens when the kidlets get home and we are trying to contain two one year olds on our own! (Not to mention the other two kids who spend most of their outside time in trees)

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