Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And the appts. go on......

Thanks so much for everyone who has posted that they are praying for our family and are so excited for us. We REALLY appreciate your thoughts and prayers and comments.

So our week has not gotten any easier. every day so far we have been in the clinic for visits of some sort. Yesterday Kembia had a well child exam for being one year- what a big girl- but they also did vaccines for Moyz too. Plus they wanted to draw blood and run the 8 million tests needed now that they are back home.

Let me tell you, I did not have happy kids. Kembia got 4 vaccines, and Moyz 3. then we all headed downstairs to the lab. Imagine me trying to navigate the hallways with my 4 kids, two of which are extremely upset and still crying from their shots. They needed a lot of blood to run all the tests necessary. Moyz got to go first. I felt absolutely terrible holding my child as he is screaming when the needle goes in and stays in for what seems like forever and a day. Then it was kembia's turn. Try as they could (and they did try- 4 separate times) they couldn't get a vain. She is screaming and turning and being poked over and over again and not a single drop of blood that was needed. So they sent us home and told us to come back again and visit Karen. Karen is sort of the specialty technician for hard cases.

So today we went back to visit with Karen. Again, no dice. She tried 2 different arms, and then applied hot packs to her little legs and arms to try and bring the vains up closer to the surface. In the end, we ended up going for multiple heal pricks to get all of the blood that was necessary. So not fun, but I know that it's necessary. Still, I hate to see that and hold my sweet kids and wonder if they are thinking it's my fault that this pain is happening to them. And then we have to go back again on friday to have their mantoux tests read. At least we'll get a break tomorrow!

On the plus side, we quick ran to McDonalds to grab lunch because we had to go and get more medicine, and kembia actually ate hamburger and bun! She has been extremely picky the last few days and I was starting to fret because she is so light. I was so proud of her! Of course, then I had to go and give her some french fries, and everything else was apparently disgusting to her because she would immediately spit it out and reach her tiny little hands out for a fry. People probably thought I was a terrible mom because she barely looks 9 months old, and what kind of mom feeds her 9 month old regular food? Especially McDonalds!?

Update on Chris- his antibiotic didn't work and so we had to have the doctor call in something else. Ava and I are still good so far but I just keep waiting for the other show to drop....

Here's a couple of pictures of Moyz. Love those big brown eyes!

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