Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3

Not a whole lot of news on day 3. Nothing yet from DGM, their paperwork has been started it sounds like, but don't know how long it will take to get their letter.

Chris has had some good bonding moments with our daughter. She definitely prefers women, loves the country coordinator, and grandma is a good second. This has created some problems when Chris tries to rock her to sleep. As in, she doesn't stop crying- forever. Which then wakes up our son and they have two crying babies. But today at nap time he was able to rock her to sleep! Grandma even took a couple of pictures of her sleeping in his arms, melt my heart.

I also have a picture of the kids at breakfast. They are sitting on grandma's lap, and our daughter is looking all sweet and innocent, and our son is yelling and reaching out for the food which he isn't getting at the moment because of the picture. I laugh every time I look at it.

Here on the home front I have been trying to baby proof the house as best as I can. We didn't do a whole lot of this with the other two, basically plug the outlets and lock up the cupboards with cleaning supplies. It worked well for them. But this time around, as I am going through my house I notice that I have a lot of not kid friendly items. Like the bowl of cacti on the coffee table, and vases with flowers on pedestals that could come crashing down, all of the beautiful, but highly breakable items from Uganda liked carved animal bowls, not to mention my ceramic Scentsy plug in that makes my house smell glorious, and the huge ceramic star fish that rests on one of the side tables along. Um yeah, I might have to strategically replace some items in my house!

The other issue that I am thinking about is the toddler beds we bought for the kids. See, they have to share a room, a fairly small room that doesn't really have the square footage for 2 cribs (plus everything else). So in a fit of geniusness, I thought that toddler beds would be the perfect solution. But after listening to Chris talk about our kidlets, now the question remains, HOW DO WE KEEP THEM IN THE BEDS? It's not like a crib where they are confined. They are super low to the ground, so even if they fell off it's less than a foot to the floor, but still. We are going to have two unconfined one year olds in the same room. Lord, please help me now!


  1. Could they share 1 crib maybe? Or perhaps 2 play pens?

  2. 2 Pack n plays... I wouldn't even try the beds... for your sanity... :-)